The life-changing conversation Dems avoided at the debates

Abby McCloskey, Aparna Mathur, Vicki Shabo, CNN Opinion, August 2, 2019

“We are three policy experts who have advised lawmakers across the ideological spectrum, and we disagree on many things -- including the exact mix of policy details for a national paid leave plan. For example, we have different views on financing and on whether a federal paid leave policy should extend coverage only to new parents or also to workers who need leave for personal medical and family caregiving purposes. But we fundamentally and passionately agree that policymakers must take meaningful action to meet the needs of American workers, particularly the most vulnerable, and the 2020 campaign is a good place to test ideas. As discussed in the 2018 AEI-Brookings Paid Family and Medical Leave report, of which two of us were part, this should start with an honest assessment of benefits, costs and the risk of doing nothing.”