Have Democrats Forgotten About Paid Leave

Abby McCloskey and Aparna Mathur, AEIdeas, July 2, 2019

“Why is this important bipartisan issue missing from so many candidates’ platforms? Biden, the clear front-runner and who boasts a relatively policy heavy website, has no obvious mention of paid leave on his official campaign site, nor was it mentioned in the debates.  Nor did Warren, who in spite of her plans for nearly everything else, does not have a single word on her website dedicated to paid leave.

Sanders has a line on paid leave on his website with a poison pill for conservatives attached at the end: “Guarantee all workers paid family and medical leave, paid sick leave and paid vacation,” moving the policy from a vital safety net provision to “the government should provide everything that employers don’t.” Harris has a similar blanket statement: “working to ensure workers have access to paid family and medical leave” without any recommendations for how to accomplish this objective.”

Source: http://www.aei.org/publication/have-democr...