The President And Women In White Have Paid Leave In Common

Abby McCloskey, National Review Online, February 11, 2019

“The Democrat women in white didn’t clap for rising wages or faster economic growth. They didn’t clap for a protecting a baby who could otherwise survive outside of the womb. They were hesitant to clap even for rescuing women from sex-trafficking rings. But they along with Speaker Pelosi joined Republicans in clapping heartily for paid family leave.

Paid leave is perhaps the only Trump campaign promise that has widespread bipartisan support and remains at the forefront of the administration’s agenda. Paid leave has the full attention of the first daughter, one of the president’s closest advisors, and a thick stack of evidence to support its significant benefits — from reduced infant mortality, increased breastfeeding, higher wages and workforce participation for new mothers, and reduced reliance on food stamps and welfare programs.

In an unholy alliance, paid parental leave enjoys support from some of the most liberal governors in the country to the most ardent of pro-life groups. And it’s an area where both the private sector and government have failed to pick of up the ball. Only 15 percent of employees have access to a paid family-leave policy, and the U.S. is the only major economy that doesn’t protect the first few weeks of an infant’s life by partially supplementing a parent’s lost wages to stay home.”