A New Economic Agenda For Conservatives

Abby McCloskey, Gen Next, September 25, 2018

Tonight, I want to propose a new economic agenda for conservatives.  There are three big points I want to discuss:

1.     The Trump Administration has been good for growth. It’s not just what they’ve inherited; it’s what they have done.

2.     Economic growth is insufficient to address some of the major economic challenges we face in the 21st century economy: the crisis of work, the crisis of community, and the crisis of entitlement spending.

3.     We need to move beyond a growth only agenda. The country needs policies that get to the heart of some of these big challenges that address them from a uniquely conservative perspective. We need an economy that’s not just growing, but that’s inclusive and sustainable as well.  We will talk about what some of those policies might be.

So let’s get started: