Testimony: Evaluating the Employer and Employee Impacts of Paid Leave Reform

Abby McCloskey, The City Council of Washington D.C., October 10, 2017

". . .  Paid leave is an important issue for today’s workforce, and there’s growing appetite for reform at the state and national level. But it’s important that the costs of such a policy do not outweigh the benefits – a likely result of several of the amendments under consideration today and the Washington D.C. paid leave law as it’s currently written. Reforms that bring the District’s policy more in-line with state experience, reduce the tax burden on employers and employees, and better account for the cumulative economic impact of business mandates would help to strengthen the law – providing an important benefit to the District’s workforce while helping to mitigate costs."

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It will be posted in full on the Council of the District of Columbia's website following the Committee vote.